Privacy Policy
Some data is collected for Google Analytics tracking. This is anonymosied in all possible ways. The Google AdSense adverts that run on the site run in non-personalised mode so they do not track or utilise any personal information. IP addresses are logged for unverified votes, however the data is scrubbed every few hours. For verified votes only a Bungie account verififcation detail is logged.

We only stored cookies and local storage elements where absoltely required. Local storage elements are created if you turn on browser notifications to track which vendors you wish to be notified about. A few cookies are created if you login to store your Bungie account ID and your verified status. These are stored so that all information is client-side, that way you are in complete control of all the information the site may have or use. Logging out automatically deletes all these cookies.

If you donate some information will be stored for accounting and recording keeping purposes. This information is stored by either PayPal or Stripe (depending on which service you donate via). Please refer to their privacy polices regarding it. Some more basic information may be stored by our third-party handler DonorBox.

The API no longer requires any personal information (keys or emails address) and all previously stored information has been deleted.

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