API Information
VendorEngrams now has an API if you wish to pull the raw data for whatever purpose. You'll need a key to access which you can generate below. The only condition to using the API is that you clearly indicate the data is from vendorengrams.xyz and ideally ask people to visit the site and vote. It would also be apperciated if you let us know when you release something utilising the API, it's good to know people use cases. We reserve the right to revoke any key and ban any IP at our discretion–we will however endeavour to only do so in extreme cases.

The API can be accessed at https://api.vendorengrams.xyz/

Each method, it's parameters and the returned data is documented below.
A sample call would look like


which would return the information for Devrim Kay. The data will be returned in JSON format with each element being a unique time slot.


This is the data as displayed on the front end of the site.


Parameter Meaning

Returned Data

One element returned for each vendor ID as listed below.
JSON Element Meaning
id A unique identifier for the vendor and timecode.
vendor The vendors unique ID as listed below.
type The status of the vendor.

0 = dropping 375
1 = dropping 376 - 379
2 = possibly dropping 380
3 = likely dropping 380
4 = need more data.

Use this in conjunction with verified return value to decide the message. A verified 380 drop would show type = 3 and verified = 1 for example.

type = 2 (possibly dropping 380) will only be returned if the votes come from unverified and are below 15.

If you only want to know when a vendor is verified 380 you will be looking for type = 3 and verified = 1
verified Returns what kind of votes were used in calculation. 0 for unverified. 1 for verified.
enabled Returns whether the vendor is shown of the sites front-end. Useful for time limited vendors ex. Faction or Saladin. 0 for disbaled. 1 for enabled.



Parameter Meaning
vendor Required: the vendor you want information on.
limit Optional: The number of intervals to return in most recent first order.

Returned Data

JSON Element Meaning
id A unique identifier for the vendor and timecode.
vendor The vendor id that was requested
low The number of 375PL unverified votes per period.
mid The number of 376 - 379PL unverified votes per period.
high The number of 380PL unverified votes per period.
verlow The number of 375PL verified votes per period.
vermin The number of 376 - 379PL verified votes per period. Note the typo of 'vermin' rather than 'vermid'
verhigh The number of 380PL verified votes per period.
timecode A timestamp for the interval in YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS format and EDT time.

Vendors ID

Vendor ID
Devrim Kay 0
MIDA Mini-Tool 1
Sloane 2
Failsafe 3
Asher Mir 4
Man 'O War 5
Drang 7
Commander Zavala 8
Lord Shaxx 9
Banshee-44 10
Ikora Rey 11
Benedict 99-40 12
Lakshmi-2 13
Executor Hideo 14
Arach Jalaal 15
The Emissary 16
Lord Saladin 17
Ana Bray 19
IKELOS_HC_V1.0.1 20
Braytech RWP Mk. II 21

Key Request

Keys are no longer required to access the API. While the system will still accept the key field in existing programs it is no longer checked against anything or required for access or usage.

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