API Information
VendorEngrams has an API if you wish to pull the raw data for whatever purpose. The only condition to using the API is that you clearly indicate the data is from vendorengrams.xyz and ideally ask people to visit the site and vote. It would also be apperciated if you let us know when you release something utilising the API — it's nice to know usage cases.

The API can be accessed at https://api.vendorengrams.xyz/

Currently there is only a single endpoint, which is documented below. Data is returned in JSON format with each vendor having a unique entry. The data is 'live' data, which means it is the same as the front-end of the site, however, due to caching there may be a 30 - 45 second delay in some cases.



Parameter Meaning
source OPTIONAL: The name of your app or service. This is for simple analytics and error tracking, and is completly optional. Can be passed as either GET or POST.

Returned Data

JSON Element Meaning
vendorID This is the vendors identifying hash as per the Destiny 2 manifest from Bungie.
display Whether the vendor is currently enabled for voting. This is only relevant to seasonal event vendors such as Saladin, but will be returned for everybody. Possible values are 1 and 0 (True and False)
drop The current status of the vendor. 0 means no data, 1 means low, and 2 means high.
shorthand A shorthand text based name for the vendor.
interval A unique interval code for the last time the vendors drop status was updated.
nextRefresh When the vendor will next change in YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS format and UTC/Zulu time.

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