As of the launch of Forsaken, it has now been confirmed that the variable level drop system the vendors adhered to in Year One has been patched. The changes made to the way vendors reward Guardians efforts, and the way infusions and mods work, means the old system doesn't make a lot of sense. Going forward vendor rewards (from original Year One vendors at least) are capped to about 20 points (currently 581) below maximum light.

Developing and maintaining VendorEngrams was a fun ride, and I'm forever grateful to all the awesome Guardians who helped with research, voted, donated, developed extensions, or simply helped get the word out — you're all amazing.

Below I'm collating a list of other Destiny 2 community projects; check them out and show them the same awesomeness you've show me. If you know of a community project I've missed (I'm sure there is plenty) please let me know and I'll get it added.

Eyes up, Guardian.

17th October 2018
The 100 Find groups/clans of 100 other guardians the100.io @the100_io
Arcadia for Destiny 2 Clan management, player stats, and useful utilities for Android Google Play Store @ArcadiaTheApp
Braytech Xur locator and inventory, progression, clan, and other UI experiments braytech.org/xur @justrealmilk
Charlemagne Discord bot / The Superior Warmind warmind.io @charlemagne_bot
Destiny Checklist Activity completion tracker d2checklist.com @DestinyChecklist
Destiny Clan Warfare Clan based leaderboards and competitions destinyclanwarfare.com @destinyclanwarefare
Destiny Item Manager Inventory manager and sorter destinyitemmanager.com @ThisIsDIM
Destiny KD PvP stats destinykd.com @DestinyKDcom
Destiny Loot History Loot history destinyloothistory.com @ArkahnX
Destiny Roundup News and developer commentary collation destinyroundup.com @shackleshotgun
Destiny Sets Track armour and weapon set completions destinysets.com @JoshHunt
Destiny Tracker Stats tracking and leaderboards destinytracker.com @destinytrack
Destiny Vault Raider Inventory manager and sorter destinyvaultraider.com @Allyn_H_
guardian.gg Stats tracking guardian.gg @guardiandotgg
Guardian Medals In-game medal count tracker guardianmedals.com -
Guardian Theater Seach for videos featuring your guardian guardian.theater @guardtheater
Ishtar Collective Collection of Destiny lore ishtar-collective.net @IshtarColl
Ishtar Commander Inventory manager and sorter for iOS and Android App Store / Google Play Store @IshtarCommander
Jarvis 99-40 Visual assistance for gaming (and raiding) without sound jarvis9940.com -
light.gg Collections tracking and item reviews light.gg @lightdotgg
lowlidev — Destiny 2 Gear viewer / Flashpoints / Maps lowlidev.com.au/destiny @lowlines
Raid Report Raid clears stats and leaderboards raid.report @RaidReport
Scrublandeux Play-times heatmap github.io -
Trials Report Trials of the Nine stats tracking trials.report @TrialsReport
The Vault Inventory manager and sorter for Android Google Play Store -
Wasted on Destiny Playtime tracker wastedondestiny.com -
Where is Xur Xur location and inventory whereisxur.com @whereisxurnow

Updated — 17th October 2018