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What is this all about?

Each of the vendors in Destiny 2 that you can collect tokens with and recieve engrams from rotate the level of the gear they drop. They do this every 30 minutes–on the hour and half hour–but only for guardians at maxium base level, currently 330PL (base power is without any +5 modifications). The engrams can vary between 325 - 330. At you, and other users, vote on what the current vendors are showing so collectively we can help everyone see what the current drops are.

Why are some vendors missing?

Some vendors don't appear to drop high level gear, although do change their level, so were removed. They will be re-added if anything changes. Additionally event vendors will appear and disappear with events.

Can't you automate this?

At the moment, no. Hopefully when the vendor API's are released this will be automated. Until then we just need to keep collecting votes and hopefully partially automate things after finding a pattern.

What is the difference between "likely" and "verified"?

The site is open to voting from anyone but with that comes a fair amount of spam–people messing with the votes. When a vendor shows "likely" something this means that users have voted on it but we can't be sure it's accurate, rather that than miss a high level drop though. "verified" on the other hand is a sign that a user that has been verified of the relevant power level and has an account has voted. These votes are weighted higher than unverified ones.

Great! How can I help?

Check vendors every 30 minutes and report back! Only if you're 335PL, or 330 base PL and have a engram avaliable to collect though! If you are you can send you sign-in with your account. The system will check your level when you vote. You can also donate via Stripe or Paypal if you wish.

I'm the correct level but get an error?

The system cache's you level for 5 minutes after you attempt to vote. If you were below the required level and are now the correct level, either wait 5 minutes or log out and back in. You will also need to log out and back in if you delete a guardian in-game.

How else can I find out about drops?

Notification support has just been added so if you leave the tab open, even in the background, you will get a notification whenever a vendor is possibly dropping high level gear. Currently you get a notification when they are probably dropping high and when they are verified. You can turn notifications on/off on a vendor by vendor basis. You can also get notifications on Twitter.

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